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Index Of Typewriter S01E01 "Chapter 1: Four Kids and a Dog"
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Index Of Typewriter S01E01 "Chapter 2: Operation School Bell"
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Index Of Typewriter S01E01 "Chapter 3: The Ghost of Sultanpore"
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Index Of Typewriter S01E01 "Chapter 4: The Rise of the Fakeer"
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Index Of Typewriter S01E01 "Chapter 5: The Night of the Blood Moon"
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Years after an author dies in Bardez Villa, three children are planning to discover the ghost they think lives there, but when a fresh family moves in, they are interrupted.
A sudden death prompts a dicey plan for the Ghost Gang to hatch. Jenny is trying to know more from her past about a figure. Amit pays some troubling visits.
Sam is making a damning charge. Ravi contemplates the connection between Jenny and recent fatalities. A mom exhibits unnatural powers in Sultanpore in the 1950s.
A flashback to the eighties shows the sinister activities of the Fakeer. Jenny and Sam learn about his link to Madhav Mathews in surprising detail.
The inquiry into the Fakeer and the typewriter by Jenny and Sam become hazardous. The Ghost Gang is facing its ultimate challenge as the blood moon increases.