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Secret Obsession (2019 Movie)

IMDb Ratings: 4.5/10
Director: Peter Sullivan
Stars: Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert
Genre: Drama | Thriller | Crime
Quality: 480p | 720p [WEB-DL]
Language: Hindi Dubbed + English [5.1 Dolby Digital]
Secret Obsession is a psychological thriller film, Netflix Movie
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On a blustery night, a lady (Song) escapes down the road from an obscure follower. She escapes them however is struck by a vehicle, leaving her harmed and oblivious. Waking in the emergency clinic, she takes in she is experiencing short memory misfortune, reviewing nothing about the episode or her life earlier. A man by her bedside (Vogel) presents himself as Russell Williams, her significant other, and says that her name is Jennifer. To enable her to recapture any recollections, Russell demonstrates Jennifer photographs of her life, disclosing to her that her folks kicked the bucket in a fire two years back, she had left her place of employment, and that she once in a while converses with her companions any longer. 

In the mean time, Detective Frank Page (Haysbert), fixated on his work in the wake of neglecting to locate his own girl's ruffian, explores Jennifer's mishap, becoming suspicious of Russell, who drives a truck like the one that struck Jennifer. 

After Jennifer is released from the medical clinic, Russell takes her to their segregated home to recover. Jennifer still has no memory of an incredible subtleties yet is spooky by brief flashes of recollections from the opening occasions of the film. Jennifer ends up uneasy by Russell's weird conduct and acknowledges he has been locking her inside the house around evening time. She additionally sees that a large portion of the photographs in her home have been controlled. 

Straightforward's examination drives him to Jennifer's folks' home, where he discovers their decaying bodies in their room. He gains from Jennifer's previous boss that "Russell" is really a man named Ryan Gaerity, a touchy specialist terminated more than two months prior. 

While the man professing to be Russell is out of the house, Jennifer discovers her own ID in his wallet which she uses to open his PC, discovering pictures of her genuine spouse Russell (Booko) and understanding the peril she's in. Before she can get away, Ryan thumps her oblivious and chains her to the bed while he goes out to get supplies. When he arrives home, the genuine Russell's cadaver is uncovered to be in the storage compartment of his vehicle. 

Plain lands at their home, discovering progressively physical proof further embroiling Ryan. He attempts to protect Jennifer however Ryan thumps him out, securing him a cooler. Once more, he attaches Jennifer to the bed before blustering that he had cherished her for quite a long time, her absence of response and eventually her marriage to Russell angering him. She figures out how to escape into the woods with Ryan pursuing firmly after. Honest handles him before he can shoot her, dropping his weapon simultaneously. Jennifer takes the firearm and executes Ryan. 

A quarter of a year later, Frank is pressing up when he sees Jennifer, who is leaving for San Jose. He gives her a note from her late spouse that he had gotten during the examination. As she drives, Russell's voice portrays the substance of the note, disclosing to Jennifer the amount he adores her.