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Shaft is a 2019 American movement comedy movie directed by Tim tale and written through Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie Usher, and Richard Roundtree. It is the fifth film within the Shaft film series and a sequel to the 2000 film with the same identify. Not like its predecessor, which became disbursed through Paramount pix, this movie is produced by way of New Line Cinema and distributed by way of Warner Bros. Images, who owns the primary 3 features and the tv collection due to its acquisition of the pre-1986 MGM library when it absorbed Turner amusement through the Time Warner formation in 1996.

The movie was launched theatrically within the united states on June 14, 2019 by means of Warner Bros. Pix, and might be released in global markets on June 28, 2019 with the aid of Netflix. It obtained combined reviews from critics, however advantageous responses from audiences, and has grossed $17 million.

In 1989, John Shaft II (Samuel L. Jackson), his wife Maya Babanikos (Regina corridor), and his infant son John "JJ" Shaft Jr. Live to tell the tale an assassination try via drug lord Pierro "Gordito" Carrera (Isaach de Bankolé). Concerned that Shaft II's way of life will put them in chance, Maya leaves him and raises JJ on her personal. 25 years later, JJ (Jessie Usher) is an FBI agent[5] and a cybersecurity professional with a diploma from MIT.[6] After his youth pal Karim (Avan Jogia) dies of a heroin overdose, JJ concludes he need to were murdered. JJ travels to Harlem to investigate Manuel, the drug dealer who runs the neighborhood and sold the heroin that allegedly killed Karim, but is violently ejected from his property. While getting better within the clinic, JJ's other formative years buddy and weigh down Sasha (Alexandra Shipp) reads Karim's toxicology record and realizes that the amount of heroin in Karim's machine might have killed him lengthy before he could take that a good deal by himself, proving he became murdered. Without a other recourse, JJ turns to Shaft II for resource. Shaft II agrees to assist after figuring out that JJ's case can also lead him to Gordito. The two start investigating collectively, but JJ's revolutionary white collar outlook on existence clashes with Shaft II's old-school street ways. After confronting Manuel once more, the Shafts inspect "Brothers watching Brothers", the drug rehab sanatorium Karim was a part of. There they learn that Karim stopped going to rehab in want of attending services at a mosque presently beneath suspicion by means of the FBI for terrorism.

Tomorrow, Sasha accompanies JJ and Shaft II to research the mosque, in which they're ejected from the premises after the imam notices JJ's FBI badge. Shaft II convinces JJ and Sasha to have a romantic dinner collectively, and the Shafts subsequent look at a comfort store owned through a girl named Bennie Rodriguez (Lauren Vélez) who donated $500,000 to the mosque. Maya calls JJ to inform him that she is coming to new york to fulfill a person for a date; she is overheard and accompanied by Shaft II. The Shafts continue to exist  separate assassination attempts orchestrated by way of Bennie, and Maya forces Shaft II to kick JJ out of the investigation for his personal safety.

JJ turns over the evidence they have got amassed to the FBI, who arrest the mosque's imam. But, the media accuses the FBI of Islamaphobia, and JJ's boss Vietti (Titus Welliver) fires him. JJ returns to Shaft II and overhears a conversation about Gordito, main him to agree with that his father was stringing him along the whole time. Whilst Shaft II visits and reconciles with Maya, JJ and Sasha song down Bennie to an deserted warehouse and analyze that "Brothers looking Brothers" is a the front for a drug smuggling ring; Karim become killed when he threatened to blow the whistle on their operation. JJ is caught with the aid of the smugglers; Sasha is captured whilst JJ is rescued by using Shaft II. The two visit JJ’s grandfather, John Shaft Sr. (Richard Roundtree), to collect greater firepower, and Shaft Sr. Decides to accompany them in an attack on Gordito's penthouse. The Shafts kill the drug smugglers and rescue Sasha before being confronted at gunpoint by way of Gordito. Gordito attempts to shoot JJ to spite Shaft II, but Shaft II takes the bullet and knocks Gordito out of a window to his loss of life before collapsing. In the aftermath, Shaft II recovers on the health center. Vietti offers JJ his job again, but JJ turns it down in desire of joining his father and grandfather in their PI commercial enterprise.