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Sacred Games Season 1 [Index]

Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 1 Ashwathama
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 2 Halahala
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 3 Atapi Vatapi
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 4 Brahmahatya
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 5 Sarama
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 6 Pretakalpa
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 7 Rudra
Sacred Games Season 1 Episode 8 Yayati

The episode is known as after the Hindu legend Ashwathama, who became cursed to suffer human existence until eternity, in a manner making him invincible.

The episode is named after 'Halahala', an exceptionally toxic poison that comes out as a derivative of an strive via Devas and Asuras to extract Amrit, the nectar for everlasting existence.

The episode is known as after  demon brothers, Atapi and Vatapi, who trap and kill tourists in a completely unique manner.

The episode is based totally at the concept of Brahmahatya (Brahmanahatya), which is the act of killing a Brahman or Brahma who is living in every one, implying the act of killing humans, no longer just Hindus.

Upset by way of Anjali's view toward Nayanika, Sartaj himself attempts to save the tv starlet but dramatically ends interrupting the raw's plans to trap Bunty. In 1992, as political unrest increases, Gaitonde and Isa's enimity appreciably increases. The episode identify refers to Sarama, a Hindu mythological being known as the girl canine of the gods, who assisted the God-king Indra to get better divine cows stolen by using a set of demons called Panis.

While Sartaj's constable, Katekar (Jitendra Joshi), is compelled to analyze the case of a younger guy from a Muslim slum who become found missing for many days, finds a relation between the boy and a theft in close by store. The episode identify refers to a Hindu text, examine whilst the closing rites of a deceased Hindu are completed.

Hoping to sign up for the missing dots of their case, Sartaj and Anjali reunite to figure out a way to locate the enigmatic Trivedi, whom Gaitonde quoted to be the lone survivor after 25 days. Inside the system an Egypto-Indian kills Anjali in Trivedi's house. The episode title refers to a Rigvedic deity associated with wind or storm.

To shop Mumbai from the threat that Gaitonde stated, Sartaj continues his search to find out who Gaitonde's 0.33 father is and what's planned to appear on the twenty fifth day. His discovery leads him to a large room complete of risky weapons wrapped interior wooden boxes.